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Rates & Services

Project Rate.png

Retainer Rate

starting at $600/mo

Ideal for brands consistently posting to social media or YouTube channels.

Day Rate.png

Project Rate

starting at $400

Ideal for one-off or spaced out projects like educational or landing page videos.

All quotes include a minimum of two rounds of revisions and my unique onboarding, scheduling and creation process.

Example Per-Project Rates

Animated Training Series


  • Five animated videos (18 mins) from client- provided script.

  • Adapted training resources to match video aesthetics.

  • Project management support.


Social Media Video

  • One 15 sec animated video.

  • Created from stock footage.

  • Two ratios (1:1, 9:16)

  • Licensed music from Artlist.



Landing Page Video

  • One minute long video.

  • Custom videography.

  • Color graded to website brand.



Why no hourly rate?

Hourly rates were all the rage when I started freelancing, and I used this method during my first two years of business. However, I moved away from this model as I found that charging by the hour prioritized swift, thoughtless creation and revision.

My goal is to help my clients create thoughtful videos, ideally with defined KPIs, to ensure their investment in my services bears fruit.

I will give Emma some thoughts, and she will roll with them to create masterpieces that match our branding perfectly.

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