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making hardworking videos
for good earthlings.

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Hey there,
it's Emma!


If we haven't met, I'm a screenwriter, video creator and swamp enthusiast.

What's New

NBCUniversal Hosts Climate Writing Pitchfest in Los Angeles

"Who were the winners of Pitchfest 2024? This year’s winners span the globe representing the United States, England, Luxembourg, India, and Australia. They include...writer and video creator Emma Parker..."

Column: Meet the writers pitching Hollywood studios on climate change stories

"The Hollywood Climate Summit received 125 film scripts and TV pilots when it put out a call for submissions last year."

Writing Climate Winner Laurels.jpeg

I work with people who value intersectional justice for the earth

and her inhabitants.

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Who I Am

A grownup kid still playing in mud twenty years later.

I'm a video editor, award-winning screenwriter and motion graphics designer living my life in the great state of Michigan.

My passions include visual storytelling (surprise, surprise), rewilding my land, and my two cats.

Oh, and my fiance. He's pretty cool.

About Me
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I will give Emma some thoughts, and she will roll with them to create masterpieces that match our branding perfectly.

What I'm Learning Now

I don't know everything (shocking).

Below is a sample of whatever I'm reading/listening to/tutorializing currently. Ask me what I've learned!


Creating More Organic-Looking Animations


How to Rewild My Invasive-Filled Land


Are You Sensing a Theme? (Listen to This)

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