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People Problems

People Problems. We've all got 'em, especially Tyson Mackenzie and Alexa Baggio.

I've worked with Alexa for years and it's a hoot listening to her rants every week as I edit the podcast episodes, synch them to video, and create teasers for social.

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Mental Health Support Series

CaredFor is a HIPAA-compliant app that supports mental health recovery in an outpatient setting. They help mental health providers improve outcomes and move patients to mental wellness.

This series of how-to videos teach practical actions for patients in the app.

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Motion Graphics

Advocate Training

The Michigan Victims Advocacy Network assists crime victim service advocates in their work while providing culturally responsive, empowering, and up-to-date information and skills.

This series of training videos teaches simple tools advocates can use in their daily work with survivors.

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Impact-Focused Videos

Created as part of a five-day video challenge, these videos center on basic social and environmental impact concepts.

As part of this challenge, each video was created from a randomly selected topic in less than an hour.

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Trauma-Informed Animation

The Michigan Victims Advocacy Network "maximizes the knowledge, skills and connections of advocates working with crime victims."

This training animation helps advocates learn about Trauma-Informed Care.

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Social Media Videos

Perks is a company with a mission to change the way we work for the better.

This is a selection of videos for their multiple brands for use on social media. Perks is a subscription client who receives weekly videos.

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Mushroom Animated Illustration

Photographing mushrooms and exploring the forest floor has long been a favorite pastime of mine.

For advertising my own services, I showcased my view of the world while appealing to climate-focused brands.

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One Year Celebration

Motion Graphic

The People Ops Society is an online community that helps people ops employees do their job better while "re-humanizing Human Resources".

This motion graphic both celebrates their achievements and advertises their offerings.


Health-Based Motion


Cole Institute regularly puts out health-based content as value added resources for their users.


These motion graphics are designed to inspire change in the viewers and move them toward a healthier lifestyle.

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Tour Video for Environmental App

Swrm is an environmental group looking to change people's habits through small steps with their app.

The goal of this video was twofold: to provide a virtual tour of the app while hyping up the launch on social media.

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Hype-Up Video

for App Launch

Huemon is an amazing app working at the intersection of mental health and social justice.

This video featured the apps' beta users with a goal to raise awareness in potential users for the app launch.

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Video Editing

Virtual Marketplace

Landing Page Video

Small Town Market is a virtual marketplace that supports small town businesses by widening their reach through online retail.

This video was created using custom-shot footage which was color graded to match the website's color scheme.

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