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auditions due on or before February 28th


40+ WOC actress. Kay’s boss. Lives out loud. Started her online fashion magazine with a loan from her father which she grew into an insanely popular online publication. Brilliant businesswoman and leonine when defending her friends.


55+ actress. Kay’s grandmother. Widowed. Came from old-money New Englanders but blossomed as an international fashion icon. Looks very refined but is a bit wild. Covid hit while she was in Europe and is currently staying with friends in Italy. Kay will frequently call her before bed when Eugenie is just getting up.


20s-30s actor. Interviewee writer at Kay's magazine (will be hired in next season). Ideal job was to be a writer-hermit, but fell into writing at a teen magazine to pay the bills. Impeccable dresser. Despite himself, found he really enjoys writing about fashion.

What is Chickadee Films?

Hey! I'm Emma, the owner of Chickadee Films. I'm a freelancer by day and an indie film creator by...well, other days. Chickadee Films is my Michigan-based indie film company. Our mission is to tell character driven stories with unexpected casting. You can learn more about me (and see my beautiful face) using the social links above.


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