One Year Celebration

Motion Graphic

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The People Ops Society is an online community that helps people ops employees do their job better while "re-humanizing Human Resources".

This motion graphic both celebrates their achievements and advertises their offerings.


Health-Based Motion


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Cole Institute regularly puts out health-based content as value added resources for their users.


These motion graphics are designed to inspire change in the viewers and move them toward a healthier lifestyle.

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Hype-Up Video

for App Launch

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Huemon is an amazing app working at the intersection of mental health and social justice.

This video featured the apps' beta users with a goal to raise awareness in potential users for the app launch.

logo version 2.png

Virtual Marketplace

Landing Page Video

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Small Town Market is a virtual marketplace that supports small town businesses by widening their reach through online retail.

This video was created using safely gathered footage and stock video which was color graded to match the website's color scheme.

LOGO swrm transparent.png

Tour Video for Environmental App

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Swrm is an environmental group looking to change people's habits through small steps with their app.

The goal of this video was twofold: to provide a virtual tour of the app while hyping up the launch on social media.