My Favorite Music Platforms for Video Creatives

Music -- it can make or break your video. For the small creator, it can break the bank.

Which is why I have a list of my favorite free platforms as well as one budget-friendly option with marvelous music. Use these for freelance video editing, creating content for your small business, or to become the next big influencer.

My Favorite - Soundstripe

If you are getting serious about video, whether as an editor or for your business, I cannot recommend Soundstripe enough. Their music is wonderful and I use it in all of my client projects.

Their service is incredibly affordable when compared to similar options. Premium, which includes access to their SFX library, is currently $245/yr. They also will typically run a Cyber Monday sale so keep an eye out for that as the end of November is coming in hot.

Their site is gorgeous, the music is great (with new tracks regularly) and their customer service is out-of-this-world.

Free - Incompetech

Kevin MacLeod is an amazing musician who has been creating free-to-use music for years. He has a wide range of styles and is a great go-to for no-budget productions. Most of his work is under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License and his site has some great sorting features.

Free - Free Music Archive

The Free Music Archive features a huge variety of music under a variety of Creative Commons licenses. Each song has its own page with details about the musician and link to fully understand the license. It can take a bit of sorting, but there is great content for your project. I find this archive especially helpful if I'm looking for a folksey song.

Free - YouTube Audio Library

YouTube has a great audio library with songs & SFX. A lot of the music is more modern and works really well for lifestyle videos. Also pass it forward by following the artist and helping them promote their music!

And that's it! I wish you tons of luck with your video projects 🌿

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